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The Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa has announced that 51 employees have been made redundant amid the ongoing pandemic. 

The “difficult decision” was made in light of the site’s closure on 24 March, with the Chesterfield hotel now having to reduce its costs across the business. 

Following the redundancies, 62 employees remain in work at the hotel. 

General manager Tim Cadman told the Derbyshire Times: “I can confirm that 11 permanent and 40 zero hour casual team members have been made redundant from Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa.

“We have put a lot of consideration into the government announcements regarding support that is in place in order to help businesses keep their employees and will continue to take full advantage of these schemes.”

He added: “Having looked at the impact that the coronavirus has had on our business and the areas that it has affected the most, we feel that when this current crisis is over, the landscape for our business and the need of our client base will be that changed that we need to look at saving costs within the business now rather than wait until further down the line when it may be too late.

“Sadly, this has meant that we have had to make some difficult decisions now with regards to our ability to carry on employing all of our staff.”

Nonetheless, the hotel said that it remains “extremely confident” about the future, and “looks forward to once again being an employer of choice within the local community”. 


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