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For many hotel managers out there, ensuring that their establishment continues to run during the COVID-19 pandemic can be an extreme challenge. With all sorts of travelling restrictions set in place both domestically and internationally, not only will managers feel the stress, but even the staff as well.

The fear of being laid off can be so severe that it can impact their relationship with their employers, hurting their ability to continue to serve. Some might even consider new opportunities, leaving hotel managers with an employee-less business.

If you are a hotel manager, our tip for you to ensure that your hotel survives the pandemic is maintaining a healthy relationship with your staff. To do that, you will need to be their leader. Here is what you can do to lead your team and establishment through these dark times:

  1. Stay optimistic

There is no hiding the fact that times are bad, and thus staying positive is a serious challenge. However, no matter how bad things get, your job is to always look on the brighter side of things. That is because your fellow staff is looking up to you as their leader. If they see that you are focused on the better side of things, they will feel comforted.

When your workers are comfortable around you, they are more ready to help you out, too. For example, they might put in extra hours without extra pay to keep the business afloat, or they are willing to take salary cuts for the time being.

  1. Be open

When you talk with your fellow staff members about your struggles, not only will they feel connected with you, but they might share in those struggles as well. This can create a collaborative atmosphere where each of you shares the struggles you’ve faced and how you have gone about dealing with it. As for you, use this opportunity to show how you cope with your problems and set an example for your teammates and staff.

  1. Display understanding and empathy

Do not ever be the boss that forces things onto people without considering how it will affect them. Instead, you must be a leader that displays understanding at all times.

For example, while you might think that salary cuts will help the business stay afloat, this might put one of your staff members in peril of not being able to pay off their rent or feed their family. Show your understanding by carefully discussing with the individual what your plans are, and always be ready to change things up to ensure that what you do does not put anyone in much trouble.


In summary, you need to be a leader that stays optimistic even in the darkest of times, and one that is open to talking about current struggles while displaying understanding for each of the staff’s needs. By displaying these qualities when managing your hotel, you become the leader your staff members need to look to for support and care during this troubling time. Your staff’s trust in you and their willingness to work hard for you might be how your hotel stays open until the pandemic ends.

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